Basic Phrases

Tips for Language Learners

1. Use it or lose it

If you don’t use the words you learn outside of class you won’t remember them.  Use them every day whenever you would use an English word.

2. Potato; potatoe. 

Different speakers pronounce words with small variations.  Don’t worry about this yet, as long as you understand and are understood.

3. Practice, practice, practice.  

Language learning is a slow process.  You have to hear and say things many times before they will stick in your mind.  Practicing with your family and friends are good ways to reinforce classroom learning.

4. Be brave!

If you are afraid to speak or worried about making mistakes you can’t focus on learning.  It’s better to say something wrong than not to say it at all. 

5. Understand Koasati pre-fixes

  • cha - my, me, I
  • chi - your, you
  • ko - our, us, we
  • hachi - your (2+), you all

6. Supplemental Vocabulary you may need to say in class

  • Cha-sobaiko:  I don’t know
  • Kah-haa  maan,  Palhikkosin: Please say it again,  more slowly (not so quickly)
  • Maat-thoikalahiik chabanI need the restroom

7. Words you may hear the teacher say in class

  • Stahobatch, stahoobaa-chok (to a group): Draw
  • Inchaal, inchaa-hol (to a group): Write
  • Lapaalich:  Stick it on
  • Koiyoof,  koiyoof-hol (to a group): Cut
  • Stamon(t): Bring me
  • Imawiich, ittimawii-chok: Help (him or her), help each other
  • Way-ya-hol: Plant it (a seed)
  • Mat-lokohol lamaatkit: Line up, get in a straight line (to a group)

8. Words you will hear the teacher say in the boys’ class

  • Imok-waili: fishing
  • Kapachi: stickball
  • Ithani: rivercane
  • Ithani baski: cane pole
  • Thatho stimok-waika: fishing pole
  • Baksa: fishing line
  • Chofa: hooks
  • Saa-lichi: scale a fish (also shave)
  • Stim-bai-ba: fishing weight
  • Sti-mok-pakaali: cork
  • Aika-cha-abon-oh-ka: drum

9. Common commands you may hear

  • wa-liik:  run
  • nok-choob:  stop
  • cho-footl:  jump
  • cho-kool:  sit
  • hat-chaal:  stand up
  • ip:  eat
  • isk:  drink
  • ohn-ti: come here
  • ath: go (somewhere)
  • ba-lahkok noch!:  Lie down and sleep!
  • fa-lank!:         Wake up!
  • Ikbah-chi, pot-chin!   It’s hot, don’t touch it!
  • Mat-bi-thii-chin!  Don’t point (at him/her!)
  • ba-tap–chin!:  Don’t hit (that, him/her, etc.)