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Preserving the Koasati Language and Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations.

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A message from David Sickey Chairman, Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

On behalf of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, I welcome you to this wonderful Koasati Language website.        

Many of our Tribal members, our Heritage Department staff, and talented linguists and scholars from all over the world dedicated their time and lives to making this information freely available. They know the importance of preserving and sharing our language. They continue to make it possible, each day, in new ways to everyone.        

Your interest in Native American languages, especially our Koasati language, is important.        

Tribal languages are the cornerstone of healthy Native American cultures. Koasati is a gift. Not just the gift of the Coushatta community to our members, but to the American people as a living history and thriving wisdom in the modern day.        

With honor to the work of our Elders and many others, our language has survived, and will continue to survive for generations to come . We are thankful to share Koasati with you. We pray it blesses you as it does us.

Aliilamo (thank you)!

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