Coushatta Archives

Coosates 1830The Coushatta Archives serves as a central repository of materials related to the history and culture of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana.  The materials contained in the archival records include historical documents, government records, photographs, newspaper articles, maps, and audio and video recordings.  The archives also maintain an inventory of physical artifacts in the custody of the Coushatta Heritage Department, including a collection of the highly acclaimed Coushatta pine needle baskets.

The primary purpose to the Coushatta Archives is to promote and increase awareness of the rich history and culture of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Catalog and manage records and artifacts in the department’s custody
  • Convert hard copy documents and photographs to digital format
  • Utilize PastPerfect Museum Software to manage all physical and digital archival assets
  • Maintain an inventory of books and other media contained in the Coushatta Library (currently approximately 300 volumes)
  • Identify and acquire current tribal materials and records that may have historical significance in the future
  • Develop an acquisition plan to facilitate the transfer of relevant tribal documents to the archival record
  • Monitor local media and national publications for articles related to the Coushatta tribe
  • Provide for the proper storage of tribal artifacts, such as the collection of Coushatta baskets, and archaeological materials from historical Coushatta sites
  • Provide research assistance for tribal departments and tribal members upon requestRuth and Adrienne Poncho selling baskets
  • Acquire materials to support the development of museum exhibits
  • Provide assistance to the organizers of programs that pertain to Coushatta history and culture
  • Provide content for the Heritage Department website
  • Organize events and identify additional methods to make the Coushatta Archives more accessible by tribal members