Loretta Williams: Stankanohchook Acholiilik Tapachka

Stan-kaa-noh-chook a-cho-li-liik ta-pach-ka. A-ti-maa-cho-li-lok a-tin-kal a-mat-laa-wis-ta, cha-po-kos-ki oo-ya. A-cho-li-lin hi-chaap ho-ban-naa-hos-sook. Maa-foo-kok, cha-i-fo-noo-si, cha-it-ta-chak-ki i-mat-laa-wis-tak sta-nos-lip naas-in-chaa-ka it-so-bai-ka-fa, a-cha-yop-pa-fo-kok i-ma-cho-li-lih-chook ta-pach-ka. Toch-chii-na maa-mit sta-nos-lip, ak-kaa-min ha-sai-kak a-cho-li-lih-chook. Kan-tik stan-ka-naa-hos-chook a-cho-lit aa-tin-ka-liik.Sta-toch-chii-na oo-ya ta-pach-ka a-cho-li-hak it-ta-na-hil-kak a-cho-hi-lih-chook gym-ka-fa. Ot-ko-hi-cha-to-ka.

I like sewing quilts. I have sewn and given to my kids, and all my grandkids. When they see me sewing, they really want it. Then when my sisters and brothers kids finish high school, I am so happy for them, I sew them a quilt. If three finishes, that’s about how many I sew. But I love doing that, sewing and giving it to them. Every Wednesday, the quilters get together and sew at the gym. Come and see us.